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OKAY! So, I spent some time of my childhood in an abusive household. My Step-father used to physically, and verbally assault me and my mom. He worked in IT, and he put tracking software on ALL of our computers, and phones. 

AND when we were in danger, and tried to call the authorities, he’d take all of the phones away.. People don’t realize how scary and powerless abuse can make a person feel until it happens to you. 

PLEASE reblog this! Even if it doesn’t, “look good” with your blog, it’s just too important, and you could save someone’s life!

a few years ago we had to go to a domestic violence shelter and this is the app my mom used. she was able to contact them while my dad was still in the house and he didn’t know until the next morning after we left. seriously, if you see this, reblog it. you never know who needs it.

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Holy fuck!

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