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Tweet: “I know Seeking Power is the Hip Villain Thing to do, but I periodically question dark lord priorities, bc the idea of being in charge of EVEN MORE STUFF than I already am makes me want to lie down & die, whereas I’d prob sacrifice babies to blood gods for a sabbatical?

New tweet: “sure, you could rule the galaxy, but you could also nap for a million hours, & one of those options would involve way fewer meetings, I’m just saying, Lord God-King McBroods-a-Lot”

New tweet: “…every time a villain’s like ‘I SHALL COMMAND MILLIONS’ I’m like, ‘bitch, you ever so much as led like a 6-person team? YOU DON’T WANT TO MULTIPLY THAT NUMBER. TRUST. THE CONFERENCE CALLS WILL NEVER END.”

Reply: “LISTEN! Folks WILL reply all!!! You don’t want this. I really questioned Hela on this point.”

Reply: “OMG YES. like, girl, if you really want to punish your brothers, put them in charge of mandatory meetings through lunch that could as easily be a 3-line email, tell them they’re responsible for ‘Asgardian team building,’ & peace out before 5″]

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