As an update, they’ve moved into a house together and are still super cute

Gundam Guy is truly a man of patience and diligence. From his attention to detail building his models to the loving attention and detail for his wife.

Hey all!

Elle is actually one of my ride or dies. We became friends about 8 or 9 years ago on this here blue website, and I love her so fucking much.

Their story is sweet, but unfortunately, they’re going through some hard times. Elle’s endometriosis is super bad, and she’s neck deep in medical bills, on top of being unable to work due to the disease. This is making it really hard for them to keep up with other bills, as she can’t supplement their household income.

She’s had a GoFundMe up for a long time now, but it still has a long way to go. They really do need the help so they can live their cute ass lives!!

If you can boost this and maybe consider donating (instead of that Kylie bullshit), it would be incredible. I’m posting this on her behalf since she doesn’t use Tumblr anymore.

Thank you!!!

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