Reblog and you might save someone’s life, especially with all our Black Girls going missing #ProtectBlackGirls #SaveLife

For those who don’t know what’s happening in the video, she untied her shoelaces, pulled one through the inside of the zip tie binding her hands, then tied the shoelaces together. Then, by pulling downward and back and forth on the shoelaces with her feet, she created enough friction to wear away part of the ziptie, making it weak enough to snap right off her hands.




Will always reblog

Protect all the ladies and the dudes


For those who don’t have shoelaces and for those who do but don’t want to trip over their own feet in case something goes wrong, here’s another way:


It’s all about quick, determined movement of your arms. To see it in action, watch the video at – the zip ties part starts around the 8:00 min mark. The video also shows how to escape handcuffs and duct tape. And if you’re wondering what to do when you’ve got your hands behind your back, go to approx. the 0:20 min mark of the following video: “Moving cuffs from behind back to front position” (taken from, where you’ll also find additional information on how to escape handcuffs). 

For teach this to your kids….boys too. We don’t need to lose noone

Every so often Brian Brushwood makes a video on something that’s not just “hey look guys fun magic stuff!” and that could actually be useful in case (god forbid) you find yourself in a hairy situation.

He’s got a few videos on lock-picking and improvised weapons on his YouTube channels, Scam School and The Modern Rogue. I might link them later after work if I can find them (and remember to do so).

Okay, so, a few additions to this post now that I’ve remembered I said I’d add things:

Lock-picking with a paperclip

Dependent on people using an older lock, but on the off chance it becomes necessary, picking a bike lock with a pen

Picking a padlock (a bit specific on the lock type, but it’s relevant in case you’ve gotta get out of any place held closed with one of these)

And they have a bunch of martial arts/self-defense stuff on The Modern Rogue:

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