some people…smh

I hate how people like this woman don’t seem to realize that no one wants to abort at 36 weeks. No one decides “yeah never mind” after carrying a child that long. These are extreme cases where either the infant or the mother or both are going to die. These are not decisions made lightly, and vilifying grieving parents who had to make that choice is an utterly shithead thing to do. 

And while we’re at it? Pro choice is NOT pro abortion. No one is pro-abortion. An abortion is an invasive medical procedure. Nobody’s out there getting those for kicks.

Preach! There can be serious health risks for people who choose abortion, or there are other valid reasons that are absolutely none of your freaking business. Stop treating the decision to abort as if it exists in a vacuum. I doesn’t. Countless things in one’s life are influenced by pregnancy and abortion, stop pulling it out of context!

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