*does human transmutation with homestuck alchemy*

this post is not a joke i’ve been thinking about this for months and i’m POSITIVE sburb would, in theory let players do this.  in this panel, dave proves that players can create parts of themselves by trying to alchemize his own brain in a jar.  his only limitation is lack of grist.  also, the game clearly has no issue with resurrecting the dead (see: god tiers, life ring, aradia, dreamselves) or duplicates of characters (dreamselves again, dirk’s whole arc, (vriska)) or just straight up creating people (ectobiology) so i see no reason why you couldn’t bring back dead players this way, or even more upsetting, create a carbon copy of a living player.  youd just need the right combination of items and an insane amount of grist, and not only would it be possible, but thematically relevant to sburb itself

imagine a fucking alchemiter 3d printing a homunculus

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