A woman came forward and pointed out her assaulter because she believed that it was her civic duty.

A woman came forward with her allegations after years of getting therapy for the trauma she had experienced as a child.

A woman came forward despite how scared she was to face her assaulter in front of a nation.

A woman came forward and made a testament in front of a committee as the whole world watch, despite the hate and death threats she was getting.

A woman came forward and spoke up about her assault, about what her accuser had done in detail, and had thousands upon thousands of people standing by her. Supporting her. Believing her.

And yet,

many people still did not listen.

many people still called her a liar.

many people still threatened her.

many people still supported her abuser.

many people still believed the word of a man over the word of a woman. Of a victim.

Next time you think men are the victims and women have everything to gain by speaking up about their assault, please explain to me when you have ever seen that to be the case.

All I see is that a women spoke up about her sexual assault, and yet she was pushed aside and ignored as her abuser was granted a lifetime position in the highest court in the country.

All I see is an abuser has been appointed to a position in which he would be able to further control women and their rights to their own bodies.

All I see is another reason why women are so frightened to and believe that they shouldn’t speak up about their assault.

Because it wouldn’t matter.

Because nothing would happened.

Because you failed her.

Vote them out.

All of them.

I’m really close to publicly calling for the brutal murders of certain people. I’m fucking done with this shit and everyone responsible needs to be stopped.

I feel actually sick

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