meet the …swander sides
we have:
roman swanders, virgil swanders, logan swanders, patton swanders and deceit swanders

this is the only AU i ever need

I dare you to write a one shot you coward


HAHAHA, I DID IT @pumpkinofspace

It was a normal day in the pondscape, where Roman, Virgil, Patton, and Logan Swander all lived, inside of their host, Thomas Swanders’s mind.

A normal day, that is, for all but Virgil Swanders.  After years and years of pining, he had finally decided to go out on a wing and confess his love for Roman Swanders.  They were 29 now, and swans only live for like 33 years, so it was now or never.

Virgil nervously waddled over to the edge of the pond, swan-heart threatening to beat out of his feathered chest as he watched the royal swan swimming.  Vaguely, he wondered how the other swan’s crown never fell off and how he had golden stripes on his stomach but no other discernible clothes, but he flapped off the thought.  He was on a mission.

Patton honked a noise of encouragement at him, wings beating excitedly.

Virgil waded into the water and kicked out to meet his one true swan-love.  He had loved Roman since he first laid his beaty swan-eyes on him.  At least he was pretty sure he had.  Swans aren’t renowned for their amazing memories.  Roman was the wind beneath his wings, the honk in his chest, the worms or whatever swans eat in his beak.  He was everything.

And now, Virgil would tell him.

Shyly, Virgil approached, honking a soft greeting.

The royal tilted his magnificent swan-head, and Virgil still couldn’t help but wonder what is holding that crown on seriously what the fuck.

Virgil took a deep breath, ready to pour out every ounce of love and affection in his swan-soul to the other swan.  Well, here went nothing.

“HONK!”  He proclaimed, swan-eyes filling with swan-tears.  “HONK HONK HONK HONK!!!”

Roman flapped his wings, surprised.  “Honk?”  He cried incredulously.  “Honk honk!”

Virgil flinched back, as if stung.  He should’ve known.

Logan swam up to them, and Virgil seriously needed answers because how had a swan tied a tie?  “Honk?” He inquired.

Roman butted their beaks together in a swan-kiss.  “Honk honk,” he explained.

Logan reared back.  “Honk HONK HONK!” He accused, and Roman suddenly transformed into Deceit!

“HONK!!!!!”  Virgil cried in distress.

“Honk honk honk!”  Deceit hissed malevolently, swan-laughing.

Suddenly, Roman flapped in and swan-drop kicked Deceit in the head.  “Honk,” he said, and everyone swan-laughed at the clever dialogue.

Virgil swam up to him shyly.  “Honk honk honk,” he confessed.

Roman pressed their beaks together in a swan-kiss.  “Honk.”

Thomas Swanders, meanwhile, munched on some grass or whatever it is that swans eat.



the greatest literary masterpiece of our time

Well why the hell not. Also swans eat a combination of grass, bugs and duckweed.

I did NOT expect to laugh THIS MUCH XD My favorite bit: 

“Honk,” he said, and everyone swan-laughed at the clever dialogue.

So that just happened

@zatannathegirlthatsbetterthanyou :’)

Aesop? Shakespeare?

their creations pale when faced with this beauty

Update: @pumpkinofspace is going to dress as Swanders Sides Virgil for halloween if we reach 2k notes


@pumpkinofspace well you didn’t protest when I said you would

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