{no pronouns, keep it simple!} my name is Hannibal, this is a damned old pic of me, and i’m a transmasc + nonbinary biracial Jew. i’m a pretty rad lil creature, i like to think. and now, my biggest dream has finally come true:


from my acting job and freelancing online, i’ve managed to save up most of what i need for the bill. a lovely, elderly relative had given me the full amount for Yule last year– but i had to spend all of it on severe medical issues and therapy. i’m mentally ill and physically disabled, so i can only work this part-time currently (it’s wearing me ragged and then some) and all of my wages have gone into this. i’m so so so so close to where i need to be.

i need to make another $1,500 by November 25!!!

i’m accepting donations at paypal.me/HannibalGrimm (please ignore my old auxiliary name, it’s about to be changed) but i’m also doing commissions of all sorts– writing (fanfics, poetry, school papers if you’re in a pinch, etc), doing divination and other psychic stuff (click here for more info), various NSFW things (sorry not sorry), and offering just about ANYTHING else i can think of. pretty please hit me up for details if you’re interested in any of that or have something in mind (within reason) that i could do for you!!!

***please don’t just ‘like’ this post– reblogs are extremely necessary. i need as many people as possible to see this!!!!***

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