-“mommy, the kids at school are mean to me!”


Stay away from children for the rest of your lives please

The people who hate this are probably the ones traumatizing their children

this is a show for 3 – 6 year olds what is WRONG with these monsters???

Fun fact, sesame street was created to fill the gap in education for children whose families could not afford to send them to preschool. Sesame street taught basic math and phonics as well as interpersonal skills so that children below the poverty line weren’t starting elementary school behind their more privileged classmates.

Here sesame street is trying to fill a gap where supportive adults should be. Where there should be a teacher or a family member or a counselor to help, for whatever reason, there isn’t, so Sesame Street is stepping in.

This breed of person has always hated Sesame Street. They hated it for showing black and white children playing together. They hated it for giving children of color the head start that rich white families were paying for. They hated it for Bert and Ernie for showing two MEN who LIVED TOGETHER, for the married black nurse who lived on sesame street when it was first released, and for them explaining death. I feel like there was a pregnancy at some point in its early days and they would have REALLY hated that.

These days they don’t (usually) say “I’m not letting my kid watch anything with black kids in it” but they sure throw a tantrum in the youtube comments when Sesame Street DARES to show an autistic girl playing with non-autistic children and being treated like shes anyone else. They lose their shit when Sesame Street has to explain incarceration to 5 year olds. And the muppet in south africa with HIV? Hoo boy.

They hate everything Sesame Street stands for and tries to provide. They always have. We just have to ignore them and keep supporting the show. Or tell them to shut the fuck up and keep supporting the show. Either way Sesame Street will outlive them.

There is trauma and there is recovery from trauma. Sesame Street probably can’t prevent a whole lot of trauma; they can’t stop your grandpa from dying and they can’t stop your classmate from bullying you; but what they can do is help you process it and show you you’re not alone and make things a little less scary and help you feel a little bit better, and all of this is hugely important in a world that has traumatic things in it.

If the “life isn’t fair live with it” crowd had any actual inclinations toward being helpful they would value Sesame Street for its assistance in helping people deal with the hurtful things they encounter in life. Supported people are less likely to be gutted or laid flat by these traumas. Sesame Street’s work here is less about hiding and more about creating resilience and healing.

What’s next, “hospitals shouldn’t exist, car accidents and injuries and cancers are a part of life, if you’re hurt you should just die already?”

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