This is the happiest thing I’ve ever drawn, and I’m living for it!!
You just know Patton is crying bc he is so overwhelmingly happy that he gets to hold and love his dark strange son, and that Virgil is totally not letting this happen because he definitely doesn’t like to see Patton this happy, and totally hates the attention, pshhh, your crazy. (Lets be honest, Virgil isn’t fooling anybody)
This comic strip is based off of this text post here: ( )
Tbh I’m so proud of this, and if theres any piece of my fanart that I would want @thatsthat24 to see, it would be this one?? Honestly I might end up like Patton and cry happily, heh!

General Art Taglist!
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this is still and forever will be one of my absolute favorite pieces of art in this fandom, it’s so pure and cute, i can actually feel it

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