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I think I reblog this every time it comes up.
I make paper stars and sometimes it does make me feel better

i never knew how to make paper stars, so i looked up for tutorials on youtube.

when i’m lonenly, which is translated to most of the time, i make them; green, yellow, pink, blue, white, purple.

and, believe me, it’s kind of a relief to make them. not only for the colors and cute shape, but also for the fact that the time i spend makin them i am entertained and don’t have to think about my loneliness anymore.

i learnt how to make them like two months ago, by the way. and i have made over 300. 

it’s awesome. 

I’ve been wanting to see this story again.

This is for everyone. Guys, girls, both, neither, and more.

When you’re upset, make a star. When you’re stressed, make a star. I make them in school when the teacher yells at our class for being lazy or dumb. I make them at home when I’m in my room, wishing someone would notice my feelings and give me comfort. I’ve always made them with whatever I had around, and write a number on each and every one because its therapeutic. I can see how far I’ve come and how many times I haven’t given up.

Right now I’m at around four-hundred and seventy, and it really puts everything into a perspective.

Thats four hundred and seventy times that I could’ve given up. I’ve gotten pretty close on some of them – scarily close, but every one of those stars is a reminder to keep pushing forward, because I wake up every day and on my dresser is a box full of stars, and when I’m happy I think of how far I’ve come.

I think this idea should be passed around as much as possible. Its calming and distracting from and panic I feel. It gives me something methodical to do: Fold here. Fold there. Crease that line. There you go, Create. Produce. Make something solid and focus on it. Make another if you need to. Write a number. Fill up the jar, box, drawer.

And when you’re breaking and feel everything crashing down, you can look at your stars and think:

“See? I made it through alright. I can give it another go.”


punkjackaboy Thanks babe ❤️ #sweetesthusbandever

I finally found the original! I’ve reblogged this once years ago and never found it again, I am SO HAPPY 😱😂😃👏👍

I love this comic so much.
And the stars … I love making these things.

It’s a good way to keep your hands busy and your mind quiet when you’re in a lot of pain inside.

Also, they’re really flippin’ cute.

i actually make these and it’s super helpful

I might do this….

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