Am I the only one uncomfortable with how people are talking about Virgil asking Patton to try not to call him an innocent harmless angel?

People are like…either saying they feel bad for saying nice things about him and others are saying FINALLY LET HIM BE MEAN and like….both of those rub me the wrong way.

I don’t think Virgil necessarily has a problem with, say, being called cute or sweet on like rare occasions. He just seems vaguely embarrassed at things like that, which is comedic and sweet and kind of reinforces his acceptance. I actually think he meant something else entirely. I think he chose the descriptors “innocent” and “harmless” because those are specific things that bother him. He knows he’s not innocent, he’s been an ass, he doesn’t want to be absolved of that. And he shouldn’t be seen as harmless because he’s not, because anxiety is fear, and too much or too little is dangerous. Virgil is dangerous, when he goes overboard and when he’s not listened to. Virgil said it takes away his thunder, he wants to be intimidating and edgey, he needs to be to do his job. I really think this because specifically in this episode, Virgil had a strong reaction to Patton undercutting Virgil saying he hated Logan and Thomas. Did he really hate them? Of course not, he was exaggerating and being hyperbolic. But does that mean he didn’t mean it? No, of course he meant it. And Patton stepping in like “aw, look at him goofing around” really upset Virgil. Patton doing that keeps him from both doing his job and adequately expressing how he feels, which is hard enough for him as is with anxiety being linked to things like embarrassment. 

I think it’s less “stop saying nice if too sweet things about Virgil” and more “don’t treat him like a child or a being of perfection”. Give him respect, yknow? It doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to call him soft and dear, it means don’t call him innocent, pure, perfect, etc.. Yknow?

Can this stop being like a huge thing now?

Okay heck yes I needed to read this so badly, I feel better now

Because I honestly needed to hear that
Mostly because I’ve seen a lot of posts about how people being all “Oh no, we can’t call him cute anymore!”
Like, no
Sure he can be cute and all that, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be dangerous as fuck anyway.
And honestly, that seems more right
It wasn’t a moment of him being all “Stop saying sweet things” and more like “Please don’t act like I’m a kid”
Thank you Lacie, really, thank you
I needed this

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