Things the New Episode Gave Us




Just some things to appreciate and love about the episode! 

-Logan canonically wears jeans, also is the only side we’ve seen the bottom half of.
-Virgil has a nickname for Logan. He calls him ‘L’.
-Virgil & Patton are the first to hug in canon
-It’s no longer headcanons, Roman really does have insecurities. Likewise, Logan has a ton of feelings but tries to hide them and it is hurting him.
-Patton, yet again, makes the most dirty or adult jokes.
-Virgil uses a fidget cube, Logan can solve a rubix cube in about 30 seconds, likewise Roman can draw the Mona Lisa.
-Patton carries around things to calm them down with, bc dad.
-Virgil has started making puns with Patton, as well as nicknames.
-Virgil admits that he regrets being mean to them in the first several episodes, and admits that it was just so he would be heard and listened to, rather than ignored, and that he’s happy he can be himself and loved.
-Logan is starting to learn to let loose and have fun and that feelings are okay.
-Roman is learning to accept himself and not to be so hard on himself.
-Virgil can summon Lightning !!
-Sure there was plenty of angst, but overall it had a good ending! And showed Logan & Roman’s faults and how they both are trying 
-The sides can stretch into each other’s frame, it weird Thomas out. 
-The sides can indeed enter Thomas’s frame!

Oh dang! I didn’t even think about it but Virgil CAN summon lightning and thunder!!!!! Heckin’ awesome!!!!

We did see Virgil’s bottom half btw. In the first video he appears in, we see him sitting on the stairs. Other than that, YES, AWESOME LIST!! 😀

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