Okay, Im done

The first thing I see when I get back on Tumblr is Logan hate, todays already been not so great, but Im sick of this. Im gonna try and ignore the best I can… but please, try and understand my boi.

Yes, he was dick and shut Patton down right when he said Hi. Instead of being like “he’s a dick and needs to just shut up” maybe try and understand. He’s a linear thinker who doesn’t understand emotions, but maybe he’s dealing with a lot of them and doesn’t want to be hurt again. He might have snapped at Patton because he was scared of getting hurt and his emotions that are bubbling to the surface.

Yes, he was a bit snappy, but we don’t know that it was just for the fun of it. He was trying to keep them on track because he knows how to solve problems the logical way. He doesn’t get how the others can solve a problem through puppets or a joke, because thats not who he is. He knows logic and reasoning. We know he’s feeling things. “IM NOT A JOKE” is a great example of him feeling left out and not being taken seriously.

If you think about it, Anxiety did the same thing before he was accepted. He snapped at the others to do his job. Logic’s not being listened too very much lately, so how does one get attention, being snappy. Being loud. That’s what gets you listened too. Anxiety was just as much of a dick as Logan was when he was first introduced. Virgil now is a good character, so who’s going to take the place of the antagonist. The one getting in the way? Why of course, it’s Logic, because Thomas’ life revolves around being creative and being emotional, but Logic still has a say, but Logan doesn’t feel like he’s being listened too, so he snaps.

This might just me being biased toward the one character I can relate too almost perfectly, and my favorite character, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to defend myself. If anyone says anything about my always asking for Logan angst and saying “he’s not your favorite because I always like to read about him getting hurt” then just shut up because what I read doesn’t change my opinions. I read what I read for a few reasons I’d rather not mention, but to put it simply: its a cop8ng mechanism.

And if anyone tells me to go find some Logan stans, then please direct me, cuz I’ve tried. The biggest Logan stans I’ve seen have started posting some Logan hate. Honestly now that the thing that keeps me holding on is making me want to let go, I’m done. I’m not going to sit by and get hurt because the one character I see myself in, and act like, is being told that he needs shut up and go back to taking all the hate.

Welp, this is just me being a pathetic biased bitch, so feel free to ignore this or tell me how wrong I am. I dont care, I just had to say something before I got worse.

^^^^ this!! no one’s saying logan doesn’t need to apologize and be better, but what’s problematic is people getting mad at him for it or villainizing his character because he’s having a very realistic reaction to not being listened to. maybe it’s because so many fanders are emotional thinkers so they relate more to the others and therefore don’t get logan’s struggle, but just as we can’t hate roman for his past mistakes, we can’t hate logan for these steps back.


hi, fellow logan stan here with an important note

you can criticize someone’s problematic behavior without hating on every single thing that they do.

A Logan stan here, but I also highly relate to him. People aren’t mean or rude for no reason, and would a part of Thomas enjoy being mean? No. Yeah, Logan is being a dick but I highly suspect maybe the others aren’t listening, maybe they aren’t listening to reason before making hasty decisions that negatively affected Thomas. Maybe Logan has something (or someone) telling him he’s not worth it. Don’t treat him like a villain again

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