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before I continue this post: please do not harass them or send them messages. please block them or report this post if it’s still up and move on.

For a bit of context: This person originally posted something that said something akin to:

“If you’re otherkin but you’re no longer excited about your identity or thinking about your identity 24/7, you’re obviously faking being otherkin, so stop identifying as it (as they insinuated it somehow hurts our community, or ourselves in some way.)”

My friend reblogged their post and explained that this is… Not the case. Just because you’re no longer excited about your identity doesn’t mean it’s not there. After this, this person’s argument kind of fizzled out and they were replying nonsense, so my friend and I had a bit of a laugh and poked fun at them. but to be honest, nothing I wouldn’t say to my mother. We never said anything offensive to them. Even though they’ve blocked me you may still be able to find the reblogs of this conversation on my own blog. Either way, what we said to them was seemingly harmless. 

Their [at the time] latest reply didn’t make much sense:
They stated that what we were saying didn’t make any sense and then said “I’m faekin and about seven times a day I feel as though I’m flying again. I’m also fictkin with a serial killer and those thoughts are constant and extremely disruptive.” They said some more things which were hypocritical to their own arguments, extreme, and overall just seemed very… Well, just that, extreme. the same way a troll would make fun of us.
At this point I figured out they were a troll just trying to get a rise from us, and they did. But likely not the rise they were expecting. My friend (and others) and I weren’t… Argumentative or overly disrespectful to them. 
Anyway, to that post from them, I replied saying something along the lines of
“Abort mission guys – it’s a troll. Don’t you think insinuating that keeping an identity that may no longer be relevant to us is somehow harmful, but your blog is dedicated to romanticizing mental illness? Way too hypocritical to be serious.”
I intended for this to be my last reply to this person – and it was, aside from when I then reblogged their final reply on their blog (which is the long string of text screencapped above.) and captioned it “yikes”

I’d also like to say some things before I move on with this “story.”

TW: Mentions of mental illness, mental hospitals, medication, etc.

Romanticizing mental illness is absolutely disgusting. This is coming from someone who suffers from severe depression, crippling social and separation anxiety, as well as bipolar disorder (manic depression.) (all diagnosed by someone with a PHD by the way, not myself or some random test online.) I am not “ashamed” of my mental illness – Not indulging in my illness does not means I am ashamed of it. It means I am trying my best to live a normal, healthy life, and not let my illness effect my function. It also means I understand that talking about these things in a “light” way can be triggering to some which is why I don’t. Not to mention, romanticizing mental illness makes them look “cute” and “fun” and I promise you, they are not. Trauma is not cute or fun. Medication is not fun, and being forcefully admitted to a mental hospital against your will? Guess what – not fun. Anyone who is truly mentally ill will understand this. I am not trying to undermine the possibility of this person being mentally ill, however, I highly doubt they are as mentally ill as they make themselves appear to be, based on their blog: dedicated to romanticizing mental illness, and making it look fun and quirky. Please don’t try telling me this is their form of coping: because even if it is a form of coping, it is an extremely unhealthy way to cope – for them, and for others. Indulging yourself in your own illnesses rather than trying to love a somewhat normal life is extremely damaging. How do I know? I used to do it. That’s when I was at my worst. As soon as I cut off this behavior, my mental illnesses obviously did not go away, but they certainly stopped effecting my life as drastically and constantly as before.

If they are truly mentally ill, even slightly, I do hope they can recover from their illnesses: for their sake, and for others’.

If you think mental illnesses are cute, quirky, and fun, block me. I mean it. I do not want to interact with someone who doesn’t understand the struggle of being mentally ill, and mocks it in the form of making it look “cute, quirky,” or by making it the center of their life.

TW no longer relevant

Although I’d count this as a death threat just for lack of a better term, it isn’t really. (However interestingly enough, if this did end up happening to me, they would be charged with manslaughter by the laws of where I live)

I’m not really overly upset, I’m more or less just making a beware for my mutuals and otherkin friends. I’d like to filter out all the antis and trolls, such as this person, to keep our community safer from people like this.

Once again, please do not message this person, @ them, etc. Please block, report, and move on. They are a danger to our community and to us (obviously) and people who indulge in harmful behaviors, not just at themselves, but especially to others, are absolutely not welcome in the Otherkin and Alterhuman community.

Those who are a danger to others are not, and will never be, welcome in the Otherkin and Alterhuman community.

also um, on a side note, burning witches was more of a European thing… all the accused witches at the Salem witch trials were – mostly not witches – mostly hanged, some drowned, and a few pressed. none were burned at the stake. again, it’s more of a European thing.

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