1. What the fuck kinda answer is that?

2. How the hell did she stay so calm??

And this shitbag is running for president rn

He looks like he died and was left in the desert to rot, covered over with dirt for a week, then dug up, reanimated and made a political candidate.

If you look at her eyes closely you can see all the ways she’s imagining killing him

hey everyone this scumbag is jair bolsonaro and hes currently leading the race for presidency in brazil.

he is incredibly racist, homophobic and sexist, having multiple tines stated disgusting things like the ones said above

he also is a supporter of the military dictatorship that we were under for a few decades

there is a real chance he might win the elections in a month and i am dreading the future bc of this result

@my fellow brazilians in this website #EleNão

por favor, ele não

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