Blank- Dox


Nobody really knows when Blank showed up, all that the other sides know is that he has been there for a very long time many of them just assume that he’s a side effect of another more problematic side who lives among them and as such they tend to just leave him alone to do whatever it is that he does.

Blank doesn’t exactly care which name he goes by, as he’s been known to respond in his own way to his title as well as his actual name. 

That being said, Blank never speaks. More often than not Decency has found him just mindlessly wandering around the mindspace with not a single goal in mind. As such, Decency has an almost protective kind of bond with Blank, even if the others really don’t seem to care for him and are more than willing to just let him go and do his own thing. It concerns all of them that Blank doesn’t speak or even emote correctly, but there are none that it bothers more than Blank himself. 

He certainly doesn’t show it, but Blank is secretly worried about just how little he feels or how muted his feelings are. But it also bothers him that he can’t speak, it’s not for a lack of trying either. Every time he attempts to open his mouth and talk, to tell the other’s anything the words just won’t come out. It frustrates Blank to no end. A feeling in which he drowns in eating food, the tastier the better. 

However, he does tend to leave little sticky notes behind. With his occasional thoughts written out in short sentences, Innovation has kept a good chunk of them. Although Blank really has no idea why that is, and has never really asked about it. 

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Hes pretty neat! I think it’s cool how he communicates with stickies. I like his outfit. I think I wore the exact same thing yesterday, actually.

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