Decency acts as the main sense of morality, and as such, they are not only very VERY stubborn about what they think is right but they are also very emotional when something goes wrong. Although they don’t always show it, preferring to hide it all behind a thick layer of “I don’t give a single ass-wrinkle.” The only person that Decency has come even close to softening up to is Endurance and Blank, although the relationships with both of them are marginally different. 

With Blank, Jule is much more parental. Instead preferring to lead the other side in the right direction almost all of the time even if mistakes are unavoidable. Decency was the one to attempt to get Blank into speech therapy, however, upon seeing that it was going to take a long time before Blank was even comfortable talking, and even longer before he would. Decency was the one who brought up the idea of using sticky notes to convey Blank’s thoughts into something they could all understand.

Endurance was very proud of them, and Jule would never admit this but making Endurance proud made Jule feel itty bitty butterflies inside. 

(They also have a rubber band gun, for times of need against Practicality’s spending habits.)

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They’re awesome. I think it’s cool how much you develop the interpersonal relationships between your sides

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