Innovation- Wren


Wren if the one responsible for each and everything that I write and the realizations that happen in my stories, they like to pretend that the deep connections that were sprinkled in at the beginning of their stories were intentional once they all add up to something. But it’s really just an accident, they love to write what they feel, and often time they’ll get help from Practicality when it comes to what should and shouldn’t be written. 

Every badge that is on their scarf is a finished story that they’ve completed, even the ones that they aren’t too proud of makes its way onto the scarf. 

Wren is a rather laid back individual when it comes to most people, very rarely snapping or getting angry at someone. However, there are times when the others will find them pacing anxiously around, as Wren has the drive and the need to create fiction, but often times a writer’s block will stop that from happening. In those cases, Wren gets pretty upset and tries to force themselves to create a story, only to end up hating it more and more. When that happens, it’s Practicality who takes them aside, telling them that there’s no point in writing if they aren’t enjoying it. 

Practicality and Wren are very close to one another, none of the others truly know if they’re “together” or not but at this point, they’re all too afraid to ask about it. Especially given that Practicality brings out the best in Wren, the two of them are inseparable. The number of times that the two of them have stayed up in the depths of the night planning and writing is unknown, but Decency knows that it is a lot. 

Art done by: @sandy-sides



AHH! This is so cool! Practicality and innovation kinda sound like moirails to me! Their shawl is super cool, and I love the patches on the scarf!

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