Bearing Witness- Marking 78 Years to the Events of Kristallnacht “the Night of Broken Glass”.

78 years ago today, the Nazi government led people to attack Jewish-owned businesses, buildings and synagogues throughout the country and in parts of Austria, at a time of intense discrimination of Jews, which included boycotting their businesses.

The attacks were called “Kristallnacht”: the “Night of Broken Glass” because of the shattered windows throughout the cities. Synagogues were burned, 91 Jews were murdered, and 30,000 Jews were arrested and taken to concentration camps simply because they were Jewish.

Let us never forget that the horrible crimes against humanity that occurred in WWII were not sudden, but a product of gradual and increasing persecution.

To those who lost their lives,We remember.

To those who survived, We hear you

To the next generation,We must never forget.

Today, November 9, 2018, is the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

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