Wholesome dogspotting

so it only took me two days to write this lil ficlet bc class is a thing oof,,, but im a french major so i am contractually obligated to write this

“Oh my goodness!” Patton exclaimed. Logan could see his fiancé’s toothy grin directed right at him. “Logan! We have to go and pet them!”

The two were simply walking along the Florida coast- as one does- and Patton had seen the two, quite frankly, gorgeous huskies. Logan had internally smiled at the sight of Patton’s excitement, which led to him cautiously trailing behind the other man. His fiancé’s (and god, that was a strange yet wonderful word to call Patton, now) fondness for animals always astounded him. The two monochrome puppies were barking; ecstatic at the attention of Patton, basking in it like it was sunlight.

“I love you, yes, what a good boy you are!” Patton cooed to one of the dogs.

“They only speak French,” the owner calmly stated.


“The dogs can only speak French.”

Logan could hear a sound that wasn’t quite a whine fall from Patton’s lips. “I want to tell them that I love them so much.” The pout that had taken up residency on Patton’s face was cute, but not long after pleading eyes and a soft frown already mostly convinced Logan to comply with what would surely be Patton’s next remark- though that didn’t stop the other from making it out loud.

“Logan. Logan, you need to tell them that I love them. And that they’re good boys,” Patton rambled. “I can’t tell them, but they need to know.” Logan sighed, but nonetheless crouched down to the dogs’ level and began speaking.

“Il vous aime, beaucoup. Il pense que vous êtes très gentils- en fait, c’est qu’il pense de tous des animaux. Mais vous êtes ici, à ce moment, n’est-ce pas?

“J’ai de la chance de l’avoir rencontré, franchement. Il m’aime; quelques fois c’est impossible. Je le sais; c’est la vérité. Pour quelque raison, il m’a choisi- je ne l’ai jamais compris la raison.” Logan sighed in the middle of his rambling. “Regardez-moi: je soupire car c’est presque trop incroyable. Je… si je fais plaisir à lui, il sera tout que je demandais de la vie.”


He stood from his position on the ground, dusting sand off of his hands by brushing them against his legs. “They have been sufficiently informed.”

Patton smiled and grabbed his hand, turning and waving at the dogs as the couple continued their walk along the beach. Logan smiled fondly at him, schooling his expression into something less giddy as Patton turned back around. They walked for a while longer, the beginning of the sunset approaching and giving way to a more colorful sky.

“That was fun,” Patton said suddenly. They were currently on a rather empty stretch of sand, the only other noise being the waves of the ocean crashing onto the shoreline. “I love it when you speak French. I don’t get to hear it that often.”

Logan pursed his lips. “I suppose that I don’t speak it frequently.”

His fiancé hummed in agreement. “Only when you call your parents. Or if Remy visits and forces you.”

“He is quite… convincing.”

Patton smiled. “Well, he is your brother. I’d expect nothing less.” Logan rolled his eyes but still cracked a smile. Patton returned it, and Logan squeezed his hand. “Je t’aime,” he stated, which made Patton pause and smile even wider; he knew that phrase, because it was the one thing in French that Logan said the most.

“I love you too, Logan,” Patton replied, and pulled him in for a kiss.

(translation: “He loves you, very much. He thinks that you’re very nice- in fact, he thinks that about all animals. But you’re here, right now, no? I’m lucky to have met him, honestly. He loves me- sometimes that’s impossible. I know that- it’s the truth. For some reason, he chose me- I never understood why.”… “Look at me: I’m sighing because it’s almost too incredible. I… if I could make him happy, it would be all that I could ask of life.) (i made a logan a sappy bab dont judge me)


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