doodoo water splashed all up in them noodles. i hate white shenanigans

Then wash the fucking dishes you nasty ass hoe

yalls laziness is gonna give u hep c i hope it was worth it

EVEN IF it’s theoretically safe (and even then you could only argue that it’s safe-but-still-nasty if you deep deep cleaned it right before, which I sincerely doubt he would have done given that he’s made it clear he’s a fuckin slob)

It’s still like the single most unbelievably disgusting ‘solution’ he could have come up with.

If he didn’t want to do the dishes but needed to strain the pasta, he could have just piled all the dishes from one side onto the floor, drained it, put them back. Or done this same shit with the bathroom sink, or the tub.

He had options that weren’t… this

Even if he INSISTED on draining it in the bathroom, they didn’t have a bathroom sink???? Why the fucking toilet?????

I’m gonna vomit everything I’ve ever eaten. My soul has literally left my body and descended to hell at the sight of this.

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