so, @ahoardofsides made this AWESOME second round of roman vs logan beat poetry, so i?? kinda recorded it?? aaaa heck hope that’s okay, and hope you enjoy!

(aha just gonna tag everyone who expressed interest in the original. i would have put this track on a reblog, but i couldn’t figure out how aha)

@katatles-the-fish @what-a-catch-joe @isthisafalsehood @jdlightful-17 @csauce-and-chips @darandomfandoms @alicehopp @poppiesss

Oh my god this is absolutely incredible. You embodied that characters so well and I just it fits and I love it and wow this is amazing

ajshdkajshd oh gosh thank you!! aaaa took a heck of a lot of garageband fiddling to get the voices to all sound,,, halfway decent,,

but heck i’m so glad you enjoyed it!!

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