If you like twitter and horror-thriller stories, then ya’ll should check out these accounts, they’re all really interesting. Using the twitter platform is like watching a story unfold in real time, I love it aha.

Here’s basic descriptions of these:

TheSunVanished: basically what it says. A guy is managing a twitter account in an alternate universe where the sun vanished and strange things start happening, like flashing lights making people go crazy.

Marymary: a girl named Mary is trapped in a house with barely anything she remembers. There’s little bits and pieces of her story you can gather, and she has a YouTube channel

Daisy Brown: a scientist’s daughter raising an alien named Alan. Yep. She has a YouTube channel and the puppet used for Alan is actually well done. Lots of mysteries as to where her parents are.

River: it’s p new, but seems to be a girl who is all alone, like everyone in her neighborhood seemed to vanish into thin air. Mysterious again!

I’m really enjoying all of these so if you’re into this type of stuff, check them out!

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