Damn he came for their lives 😂

Holy shit I just witnessed Colin murder the entire movie industry. 

I just saw a new episode of Who’s Line is it Anyway? in which other cast members made a transphobic joke where the punchline was “that woman has a penis.” Colin, who has a trans daughter, stood there and just repeatedly said “Really?” Until they apologized and redid their joke. Very small thing, but I appreciate the man.

Colin is sunshine.

And to think, I didn’t believe Colin Mochrie could earn more respect from me.

You have to understand. Improv comedy has rules you follow. And rule number one, the Golden Rule: NEVER CONTRADICT. You never take what someone suggests and say “no, not that, this instead!” You never reply to a joke with “No, I don’t want to do that!” You roll with it. You ALWAYS roll with it. The ridiculousness added on top of ridiculousness peaks into a primo superdense ball of hilarity incarnate.

And his reply to something offensive was “Nope. Stop the bit. Nope. Nope. Nope. You fucked up.”

I’ll bet you money Wayne Brady would do the same if a white person on the show dropped an N-Bomb, and people would be understanding. Colin stood up for an oft-maligned group, whose members include one very personal to him, and completely ground that show to a grinding halt by saying “No. That’s not fucking funny.” and ruined the joke. This is a man who builds his entire career off of making jokes, and he /ruined another’s/.

I’m sorry, Colin isn’t just a god amongst improv comics. He’s not just funny as all get-out and witty as hell. He’s a stone-cold badass, and he deserves recognition.

Props, Mr. Mochrie. You, sir, are deserving of respect.

I’ve worked with him (just briefly) and can confirm: he is just as excellent in real life as he seems here. 

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