I’m not saying the entire fandom would literally combust if Thomas did a Christmas Carol type thing with the sanders sides but like that’s exactly what would happen….

If they want ideas I have a 25,000 word manuscript ready to go…

Logan as Scrooge!

The spirits of past, present and future are Joan, Talyn, and Thomas in that order. Or at least figments who look like them?

Joan ends up showing Logan the end of the debate in My Negative Thinking. “You remember this moment? When you told Virgil he did a good job and you complimented him even when you didn’t have to?” Logan doesn’t respond. He doesn’t think Joan expects him to. “That was the first time one of you ever treated him with kindness.” Logan continues to watch the scene before him, eyes focused on Virgil before he knew that was the name Logan could call him. “This is a part of you that you can’t lose sight of ” Joan speaks again. “If you insist that you’re too good for the touchy feely stuff, you’ll end up believing you’re too good for all of them. Including compassion” Logan shakes his head. “Enough” the Side retorts, “there’s no point in showing me a moment I’ve already lived through.” A solemn look appears on Joan’s face as they dissapear. “Hey dude. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!”

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Hehehe I like the angst and comfort. Is v nice

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