Could you imagine if edward had just been some regular dude like fucking around with bella and she said with the utmost confidence “i know what you are…’re a vampire” and he’s just out there alone with her in the middle of the forest like

twilight au where Edward and his family just go along with it for kicks:

Rosalie hates it, Jasper sucks (or can’t keep a straight face) so he takes any excuse to avoid Bella, Carlisle doesn’t like pretending to hurt people so he decides his new persona has miraculous control, Alice and Emmett are LIVING this lie

they have an emergency family meeting to come up with basic ground rules and cover story but then just wing everything else

Edward had to tell Bella that they sparkle in the sun because Alice had dumped an entire bucket of glitter on him that morning when he got out of the shower

how would jacob fit into this tho

he’s a furry

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