Join with a PayPal donation!


This is just a reminder that although our Kickstarter has completed, you can still get a registration key to join the site on September 1st if you donate $5 or more to our PayPal!

We’ve also made the decision to keep PayPal donations for keys open indefinitely– so we’re basically just extending the offer of the Kickstarter. So if you want to wait a bit and see how other people like the site before you join, you’ll be able to donate to the PayPal and get a registration key even after the September 1st date. After September 1st we’ll send out registration keys on a weekly basis every Friday (so for example if you decide to donate for a key on September 2nd you’ll get it on Friday the 7th). Doing this will help keep the site’s population from stagnating, and will also provide us with additional funding for our expenses and developer payroll while we’re still working on putting the site’s paid features system in place. Once we have paid features in place we will hopefully be able to start admitting free registrations again.

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